a shell to manage LVS and iptables

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lvsm provides a command shell to manage a Linux Virtual Server (LVS) as a unified system and aims to simplify the management of such systems. The program assumes a Linux server running IPVS with iptables rules as firewall.


$ cd lvsm-<version>
$ python sdist


$ cd lvsm-<version>
$ cd dist
$ pip install lvsm-<version>.tar.gz


The configuration file can be specified on the command line

$ lvsm --config=configfile

Otherwise the program will look for /etc/lvsm.conf to use.

Valid configuration directives are as follows:

All other directives are invalid and cause an error message. Further, lines beginning with # are considered
comments and will not be parsed.


# this line is a comment
director_config = /etc/ha.d/
firewall_config = /etc/iptables.rules
nodes = lb1, lb2


See the project README for usage instructions.