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dscp is a tool for copying a file from one system to many systems simultaneously. It essentially performs a

for a in $(seq 1 10); do scp file $a:destination; done

in bourne shell.

The tool assumes that dsh groups are setup either in /etc/dsh/group or $HOME/.dsh/group and that the scp command is available. All options are made to closely match those of dsh(1) and scp(1) as much as possible.


$ cd dscp
$ python setup.py sdist


Using setuptools:

$ pip install http://github.com/khosrow/dscp/tarball/master


For detailed usage, refer to the program’s README. Below are a few examples.

Copy file1 to all systems in group1 at /tmp/destination

$ dscp -M -g group1 file1 /tmp/destination

Copy contents of directory test recursively to all systems in group1 under /tmp

$ dscp -M -g group1 -r test /tmp